4 key RevOps metrics for efficient revenue growth (RevOps in HubSpot)

4 key RevOps metrics for revenue growth efficiency (RevOps in HubSpot)

From this article, you'll learn about 4 key Revenue Operations metrics you HAVE to track and optimize in your HubSpot to boost revenue growth efficiency

Let's dive into it.

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What is RevOps?

Think about RevOps as a sports coach. It's about guiding you on how to get better in your game and fixing your biggest weaknesses.

From a more technical perspective, RevOps is the science of creating sustainable revenue growth based on repeatable processes, specific tools, and behaviors (RevPartners).

From a strategic perspective, it's a decision from leadership to optimize all revenue-related processes for more efficient growth.

Learn more about what RevOps is.

Regardless of the approach, RevOps is always about one thing - enabling businesses to make more money.

Saying so, let's dive into the 4 key RevOps metrics you HAVE to track and optimize in your HubSpot to boost revenue growth efficiency. 

Lead volume

Monitor your lead flow to ensure you're generating enough opportunities in the pipeline.

Leads volume

(Lead volume in HubSpot)

On this basis inform your marketing and outbound strategies. 

Deals pipeline volume

Track how many opportunities you manage at every deal stage and where they are stuck or dropped off. 

Deal stage conversion

Based on that, identify bottlenecks in the sales process that hinders your deal's velocity and decrease cash flow.

Spot the most problematic stages in deal management and enable reps with tailored coaching (e.g. defining solutions).

Check the article about how to boost sales velocity to learn more about which part of the process you can optimize.

Deal value

Track average deal size monthly and quarterly. 

Average deal size by month

Spot the most profitable customers and optimize the acquisition strategy for replicating them in your pipeline.

Inform your ICP based on the ACV and target similar accounts.

Sales cycle length

Monitor sales cycle length to see how long it takes for your team to close deals.

Avg sales cycle by monthNext, review where deals get stuck and spend most of the time (e.g. contract negotiation). Optimize these stages. 

Check the article about how to boost sales velocity to learn which part of the process you can optimize.

Conversion rates

Gain a general overview of your conversion rates and the health of the pipeline with a funnel report.

Full funell

  • Track the MQLs win rate to measure their quality (MQL win rate should be >25%)
  • Track opportunity-to-customer conversion to assess sales efficiency 
  • Measure customer retention by LTV and spot the ones with the most value achieved from your service. You want to replicate them.

Feed all your GTM strategies with these insights to boost effectiveness and efficiency.


These 4 metrics most impact your revenue growth efficiency:

  • Volume
  • Deal value
  • Sales cycle length
  • Conversion

You have to measure and optimize them in your CRM to fine-tune the pipeline and remove sales process bottlenecks.

And here's where RevOps in HubSpot comes in with seamless reporting and strategic advisory based on insights.

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