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Software House

Alina Belascu

I Want to Break Free - the Success Story of Top-Notch Ruby on Rails Development Company

Railsware, the Kyiv born software development and consulting company, never settles for less. No less than 90+ successful projects delivered to companies in Europe or the US, from startup companies to top-notch companies like Google, Philips, Sendgrid or Calendly. Let’s not forget a nice 15th place in World Top
Romeo Man

Beyond the Outsourcing Stereotype: Krakow’s Software Houses

From the fertile ground of Krakow's tech innovation and development, rose Codete, Miquido, and Railsware. They are the 3 Krakow software houses for whom the IT outsourcing business seems like a cakewalk. Krakow seems like a genuine promise for a better Polish future. A future built around growth and technology.
Romeo Man

The Story of Krakow's Wonder-child of AI App Development

Meet Miquido: the chosen one! Chosen to develop amazing apps for Skyscanner, Abbey Road Studios, TUI, Herbalife or Nestle. Based in Krakow, but with offices in London and Berlin, Miquido has delivered 100+ digital products and AI apps for music & video streaming, healthcare, travel, FinTech, and other industries. The
Romeo Man

B2B Marketing Strategies in IT Consulting [Codete Case Study]

Based in Berlin, but with Polish roots, the IT consulting company, Codete, is in really good company, working with KIA, Cisco, BMW, Porsche... 120+ employees are working in projects related to cloud computing, data science, IoT, machine learning, artificial intelligence, from various verticals. We had to find out what made
Romeo Man

How A Software Consulting Agency In Poland, Became A Marketing Machine

How does Netguru, a software consulting agency in Poland, want to prove that there’s nothing fabulous about Silicon Valley? Netguru, "the" software consulting company With the right moves, skills and company culture you can get 3 times awarded by Deloitte in its Tech Fast 50 in CEE. Netguru is
Romeo Man

How Did a Warsaw Development Studio Build Digital Products for Philips and HP?

In the thriving Warsaw IT ecosystem, Polidea, 10Clouds, and SoftwareMill are crafting digital products for top-notch Western Companies. Turning 10 this year, Polidea, has a lot to be proud of. “Our ways of building strong business relationships have been created in the course of over 100 international projects” - Polidea
Romeo Man

How Does a 100% Remote Tech Business Develop First-Rate IT Projects?

Working 100% remotely and having Slack as a virtual office, SoftwareMill has a 10-year history of developing IT projects (just like Polidea or 10Clouds). Listed in Top 10 Polish Custom Software Development Firms by Clutch, SoftwareMill is now moving towards building its own products and embracing blockchain. While they are
Romeo Man

Tech B2B Marketing Strategies. A Study of Top Software House in Warsaw

Having designed software for more than 100 businesses worldwide, mainly in the United States, Western Europe, and Australia, 10Clouds is turning 10 this year. The web dev,  product design, machine learning and blockchain software house, 10CloudsGrowth is what defined its 10 years. Getting the team from 2 to 110+, opening
Romeo Man

The Ingredients of Successful B2B Marketing of Warsaw Software Houses

Poland is growing to be an IT hub, moving past the “outsourcer” stereotype and designing its own success story. Warsaw is leading the way. Top Software Houses in Warsaw that rock & roll growth marketing10Clouds, SoftwareMill, Polidea are Warsaw's software houses that sit at the core of its vibrant IT
Romeo Man

Marketing Secrets Behind 30% YoY Growth📈 Of Ecommerce Software House

The Internet was opened to the public back in 1991, after the invention of the World Wide Web. This opened the Pandora box: online shopping! By 1999 global e-commerce reaches $150 billion. But behind great e-commerce lays great e-commerce software. Divante is aiming to be just that: great e-commerce software
Romeo Man

The Polish Software House that Wants to Forge the Future [Marketing Study]

With an employee growth of 67% in the last 2 years and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 212%, this Polish software house is on a roll. Tooploox, the Polish software house with a spectacular growthTooploox is the place where innovation happens. Hiring scientists from universities across Europe and
Romeo Man

The Marketing Secrets Behind the 1st Polish App Development Company

Walt Disney, Nestle, Unilever, Giphy seem to have something in common, besides being world famous. The App Development Company, Droids On RoidsThey worked with Droids On Roids, a Wroclaw app development company. Pretty amazing I would say. Featured in Forbes’ “30 under 30” or Deloitte’s Fast Tech CEE 2017,