Growth Marketing Study of Top 3 Software Houses in Poznan

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Netguru, STX Next and Merixstudio are the superstar software houses that come from Poznan. They are the pioneers of what Deloitte called “disruptive outsourcing.

What do all these companies have in common and how are they disrupting the “IT Outsourcing” industry?

In today's article will reverse engineer their growth and show you how they did marketing, community management and employer branding in a series of 4 blog posts, this being the first one.

While we are based in Kraków, and we are super proud of the tech scene here, the Poznan tech scene is something we envy ( in a good way ).

I looked into the best software houses in Poznan, how they built their employer branding and their digital marketing.

Here are my findings.


Before dwelling more into the Poznan tech and IT outsourcing playgrounds I want to lay some groundwork here.

In the past, companies used to outsource to improve back-office operations through cost reduction and performance improvement.

Not anymore.

Today you innovate or die. As simple as that. Be it machine learning, cloud computing, IoT or robotics and AI, you’d better choose your weapon.

Pandora’s box has opened. And if you do not have the right product and the right marketing skills, you’re kaput.

Poznan's IT Community

First, let's understand why so much buzz around Poznan and which are the catalysts for its tech market:

  • IT & science knowledge: 40k new graduates enter the market with strength in science and engineering.
  • Universities - companies partnerships: building collaboration around R&D with companies such as Volkswagen, Microsoft (at The Microsoft Innovation Center) and more. - Most of the CEO's of Software Houses are graduated Poznan University of Technology.
  • Science and technology park: 80 innovative companies, 60 research labs, a modern DataCenter to ensure innovation and technology transfer
  • Tax incentives: investor protection from the Polish government
  • Business-friendliness: Poznan ranks third in Financial Times’ list of business-friendly mid sized European cities (European Cities and Regions of the Future 2018/2019)
Top 10 business friendly mid-sized cities
Poznan ranks third in Financial Times’ list of business-friendly mid sized European cities
Meetups in Poznan
Poznan's more than 60 IT meetup groups

Top Software Houses in Poznan

Because we have some Star Trek fans around the house, I want to tell you a prophecy from Mr. Spock:

Mr Spock
Mr. Spock - Star Trek

The next companies are trying to do just that, are they successful?

You judge.

In our quest we’ll stick our noses into what former clients and employees have to say about these companies, what products they’re building and communities they’re frequenting.

Next, for the digital marketing footprint, we’ll analyse the website, content marketing strategies and social media presence.

First, let me warm up the conversation a bit through making some introductions:

STX Next - Europe’s Python Powerhouse

STX Next image
STX Next - Europe’s Python Software House


No. employees: 300+

stx next

Revenue: 7M+ (Owler estimations)

Technologies: Python, Django, Android, iOS, Javascript, React, Angular and more

Services: web development, product design, software testing

Verticals: FinTech, big data, e-commerce, pharma, transportation, cybersecurity, gaming, blockchain, education & NGO and more

Key clients: Seerene, Verve, Hogarth WW, Pixomondo, Unity Technologies, Blocktrade, IMD Optimad, Wunderman, Vyze, Coras, Realface, BetBright, KNMP, Paze, Decernis, TBSeen, Newable Business Finance

Offices: Poznan (HQ), Piła, Łódź, Gdańsk, Wrocław

Reviews: 4.8 - Clutch (44 reviews), 4.1 - Glassdoor (7 reviews)

CEO: Maciej Dziergwa

With an eye on employer branding and the other on client satisfaction, STX Next is one of the most rapid growing companies in the CEE.

According to Clutch, they are world leaders as Python and Django Developers.

 Poznan Software Houses in Top 10 Python and Django Developers
Top Python and Django Developers by Clutch

In our next blog posts we will look into reverse engineering STX Next's marketing and employer branding.

More importantly how they get traffic and what are their conversion strategies.

If you want to learn more about them this video done by their CEO talks more about their values, awards and history.

Closing presentation at the Tech Power Summit 2018. Summary by Maciej Dziergwa, CEO @ STX Next

Find out more about Poznan software house, STX Next growth marketing strategy here.

Meet Netguru - Building Software for World Changers

Netguru image
Netguru: Software House Poznan


No. employees: 450+

Netguru's employees

Revenue: $21M - 2018 (Netguru's Wikipedia page)

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Node.js, React, Python, machine learning, Android, iOS, progressive web apps

Services: consulting, web development, mobile development, product design, code review

Verticals: automotive, FinTech, SaaS, hospitality & leisure, education, marketplace, e-commerce,

Key clients: Volkswagen, solarisBank, Oncimunne, temi, ClickMechanic, ChaperHome, Apps for Good, Herdius, Taqsim, FundCo, Helpling, The Know, Artemest, Case.One, Motarme, SeaHub, Intellection, Tourlane, Vendr, Evvnt, Clarity, NinetyPercent, Chorus, Whym, Raqib50, OpenBooks, ForrestHill Church, ShiftWear, Hiperpool, Barometa, Helpr, Hungr, Property Detective, CD Projekt, PolicyGenius

Offices: Poznan (HQ), Warsaw, Gdańsk, Białystok, Wrocław, Kraków

Reviews: 4.9 - Clutch (22 reviews), 4.7 - Glassdoor (28 reviews)

CEO: Wiktor Schmidt

Here is part of their story.

Netguru is a Polish software development and software consultancy company founded in 2008. Headquartered in Poznan, Poland, it’s a globally operating business, with offices in Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Gdańsk and Białystok. It provides software design and product design, both for early-stage startups and corporations.

10 years ago they were a 3 person startup, in 2015 they got the award of the Deloitte 50 the fastest growing technology companies in Central Europe.

Their success is inspirational, not only that they grow as a company, but I believe they are one of the most community involved software houses in Poland.

They are running a bunch of meetups on product development, design, UX and coding.

They are the only Polish software house I saw, investing so heavily in content marketing. I will write about their marketing strategy and how they grew more than 1200% their traffic in just 2 years.

Traffic growth at Netguru Keywords Ranking - source:
Netguru all time traffic
Netguru Organic Traffic Growth 1200%+ in 2 years

Meet Merixstudio - Creative.Software.House

Merixstudio image
Merixstudio: Creative Software House in Poznan


No. employees: 74

Merixstudio's employees

Revenue: $15M+ (Owler estimations)

Technologies: Django, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Python, React Native, React, Redux, Symphony, Drupal, Angular

Services: front-end development, responsive web design, illustrations & corporate identity, back-end development, software development, web applications, UX design, UI design, quality assurance

Verticals: automotive, retail, fashion, gaming

Key clients: The Julliard School, Toshiba GS1 SendinBlue FOX, Deutsche Post, HSBC, Marks & Spencer, Volkswagen, The Independent, Tesco, Payback, Bronson Laboratories,, Billabong

Offices: Poznan (HQ)

Reviews: 4.6 - Clutch (42 reviews), 5 - Glassdoor (3 reviews)

CEO: Adam Śledzikowski

Remember when I said STX Next are world’s best Python and Django Developers?

Well, Merixstudio wants to challenge that. They’re fast, furious and not afraid to engage in the combat.

top phyton and django developers
Top Python and Django Developers by Clutch

2018 was the peak of their community involvement.

They were literally everywhere! They organized Django & front-end meetups, workshops series and attended lots of tech conferences.

For Merixstudio 2018 was the growth year: from employees (adding 26 more team members), events and projects.

Want to learn more about how Merixstudio turns growth resolutions to reality? I will show it to you in my next blog post.

Summing Up

So, we’ve got a city bursting with technology - Poznan and three agile companies who want to make a name for themselves in IT outsourcing.

All 3 top software houses in Poznan use Hubspot as Marketing / Sales CRM. In the next 3 posts we will unfold their inbound marketing strategies, analyze their social media presence and understand their employer branding.

But Poznan isn’t lonely in this success story of IT outsourcing. Warsaw, Wrocław and Kraków are also really good at the game.

Going more macro, Poland, Ukraine and Romania are reshaping the IT Outsourcing landscape. How three ex-soviet union countries are shaking the tech world, find out in our Ultimate Guide To IT Outsourcing Companies in Central Eastern Europe.


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