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How To Run Account Based Selling For Your B2B Company [GUIDE]

RevOps Games - Harbingers Case Study


Welcome to the RevOps Games. The world's first browser game teaching Revenue Operations and Go-To-Market Motions.

Who said, that learning RevOps cannot be fun? No more boring white papers, case studies, and blogs.

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During the game, you will acquire artifacts, traverse various lands, fight monsters, and unlock secret knowledge

In this series, you play Przemek, CEO of MAN Digital. Your quest is to help Harbingers, an e-commerce agency from Poland, to align their marketing and sales teams and build Account-Based Marketing GTM. 

Along the way, you will find ABM relics like ICP templates or ABM Program Components, which you can download later from the treasure box at the end of the game.

Ready for your first adventure?


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Arek Piatek - I help B2B companies drive revenue with Demand Generation Programs. RevOps Evangelist and marketer who thinks outside the funnel. Creating marketing programs aligned with how people want to buy, not in a way companies want to sell to them.