How We Helped Skyrise Generate 56 B2B Leads in 3 Months w/ ABM

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About is a Polish software company that wanted to redefine its messaging, from an outsourcing company that sells man-hours,  towards the logistics vertical. received the prestigious Forbes Diamonds award in 2020 for the second year in a row.  They are considered a technology leader in the region of Poland among the fastest-growing companies.

I'll start off with a screenshot that will make you continue to read further:

Clutch Review from Skyrise

Highlights of the projects

Before After
  • No clear content strategy
  • Account Based Marketing (ABM) focused on content strategy
  • No clear funnel
  • 58 qualified leads generated in 2 months and a half
  • No entry point offer
  • Clear Entry Point Offer
  • Several case studies done
  • Funnels to drive sales for each entry point offer and service pages
  • Website in need of redesign
  • 3 Deals Closed
  • 1 person in the marketing team
  • 6 people marketing team (2 from MAN Digital + 4 from Skyrise

The Process

  1. B2B Digital Marketing Workshop
  2. Digital Marketing Audit
  3. B2B Digital Marketing Strategy
  4. Lead generation discovery campaigns
  5. Review Strategic workshop
  6. Website Redesign
  7. Lead generation campaigns
  8. Content strategy design

Let's take each process step by step.

B2B Digital Marketing Workshop

We've run an internal design sprint workshop, where we defined the buyer persona, product messaging, customer journey, and acquisition plans.

This workshop involves the design and development of digital marketing strategies, funnels, and processes. The aim is to build a framework and strategies for marketing and sales that Skyrise can run in the next 30 days post-workshop.

The main objectives of the workshop were:
OBJECTIVE 1: Build inbound & outbound digital marketing strategy.

OBJECTIVE 2: Create a framework and process to put in action the strategies with easy to follow actionable short term and long terms tasks.

OBJECTIVE 3: Build marketing dashboard to track the right metrics and measure ROI in order to improve the process.

Digital Marketing Audit

To build a more in-depth strategy for Skyrise we have done the following:

We started by performing audits:

  • SEO with Lead Generation in mind

Having low-quality pages, content, poor structure, and lack of web mentions cause Google to lose trust in a website and rank it less and less over time. The audit revealed the pages with quality traffic potential and also the technical and on-page improvements.

action lists
Actions List Based on SEO Audit
  • Content Marketing audit

We took the initial SEO audit further by identifying topics and keywords and suggesting cluster pages. We made suggestions for every relevant blog article on how to improve them SEO wise (metals, titles, suggestions for merging/rewriting/deletion).

action list for content audit
Action List Based on Content Audit
  • Google Paid ads audit

We went deep into the campaigns, looking at the setup, optimizations that could have been done in terms of targeting (keywords, placements, audiences, exclusions), bids and conversions. We also looked at the ads and landing pages copy and identified opportunities for quality score improvement. We made a list of fixes to be done in the account. Analysed how they are compared to their competitors in terms of ads spent.

pasted image 0-Aug-24-2020-11-16-33-93-AM
Example of finding in the Google Ads Audit
  • UX & UI Audit

We analysed the website and suggested fixes to improve the navigability and visitor funnel across multiple devices.

  • Email Outreach Audit
  • Google Tag Manager & Analytics (Audit and Tracking Setup)
Sample of Elements we checked in GA
  • Conversion and traffic tracking are essential in a digital marketing strategy. We analysed scripts setup, the configurations, data integrity, tagging and tracking, conversion setup. Based on the findings, we suggested a detailed fixing plan.  
  • Audits are crucial in order to assess the current status and to identify business opportunities and to suggest fixes. We’ve jumped in deep waters and evaluated all the aspects of their marketing activities and suggested quick fixes.

B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

Based on the audits, we developed paid ads, conversational marketing, and content strategies. Upon the strategies, we built a clear funnel and 3 development scenarios.

funnel scenario comparisons
Scenario Comparison
mapping our entry point offers
mapping out entry point offer traffic sources and ad costs

Based on buyer persona, product messaging, audits, and the entry point offer that we initially did in the workshop and audit phase, we built clear customer journeys. 

*sample of the customer journey (not used by Skyrise, but inspired from this sample)

Based on the customer journey maps, we implemented the inbound and outbound lead generation strategies and chose the marketing stacks that we need.

Sounds like a plan, right?

Hold your horses…

Following the delivery of the audit and action plan, we had several strategy meetings with Skyrise to assess the resources needed (people, tools, budgets available) and to check if the strategies are aligned with their business vision.

The execution

The initial project management design was based on monthly sprints.

We established some key growth areas and their KPIs (in terms of traffic, leads, MQLs) then planned the activities accordingly.

As time passed, and more people were allocated to the project from the Skyrise team, we embraced the Kanban methodology.

But what did the team look like in Q4 2019?

MAN Digital Skyrise
Project Manager Project Manager
360° Growth Strategist UX Researcher
Analytics Expert UX Designer
Outbound Expert Content specialist

In terms of vision, first, we wanted to go for the low-hanging fruits with some discovery ad campaigns, while, in the background, we were preparing the long-term strategy.

Read on to find out more.

Lead Generation Discovery Campaigns

At Skyrise the long-term vision wasn’t quite defined, so we went two ways with our marketing campaigns:

  • Google ads campaigns that were promoting software development services, product design and other similar services
  • LinkedIn ads campaigns bringing traffic to a Logistics landing page

These were the low-hanging fruit strategies. They were easy to set up, keyword research and landing pages were done in a matter of days (we used personalized landing pages using Google Optimize).

While checking the numbers, we decided to allocate the whole budget on the logistics vertical, because the software development one crowded and competitive, and, without an entry point offer and a clear messaging on the website it will be very hard to convert.

In the background, on the Skyrise side, an ebook was being prepared around business models in logistics & transportation.

For this ebook, we prepared a LinkedIn campaign targeted to the persona, with a proper landing page and Hubspot workflows attached.

Linkedin Ads for

Leads were coming in. It was time for round 2.  

Quarter Review and Strategic Workshop

Q1 2020 was happening. A vision was shaping, Skyrise welcomed a Sales & Marketing VP, it was time for deciding on the long-term strategy.

January 2020 -> 10 people, 2 days, 1 room -> a long term vision

quarter review workshop
MAN Digital & Skyrise Marketing Team

We managed to design a new funnel, sketch the new website and the vision for the content strategy,  

A lot of work was waiting for all of us.

The website redesign

2 months of hard work & 7 people

The homepage was no longer concentrated on software development but also on transportation & logistics solutions.

the website redesign

The services pages were shaped around the values of the buyer persona (MAN Digital assisted Skyrise in defining the buyer personas), with a lot of social proof.

Based on the new website, the pitch deck was also adjusted and an entry point offer was designed.

Lead generation campaigns

Now that the website was up and running, we wanted to design a lead magnet that better fit the messaging and was more relevant to the new offering.

This is how the ebook  “Asset, fleet, and shipment tracking. An overview of available technologies” was born.

We’ve worked side by side with Skyrise, for about 3 weeks, to finish the ebook and prepare a promotional plan.

landing pages section
linkedin ads
linkedin campaigns

The previous ebook LinkedIn campaigns were still running and generating leads and MQLs.

So, the low hanging fruits were up for grabs, what about the long-term vision?

Content strategy design

After the strategic workshop, a first content strategy iteration took place. It was backed-up by keyword and topic research.

Based on some other insights, we did a second iteration to fit the messaging of the latest ebook.

We figured out the topic for the cluster page and the titles for the supporting blog articles.

Content writing began.

MAN Digital managed to deliver 2 blog articles, and the Skyrise developers started developing more technical content.

Now, good content needs some backlinks.

We delivered training on how to acquire backlinks and helped out with prospecting.

Blog articles - checked

Lead magnet - checked

Entry point offer - checked

Pitch deck - checked

What’s missing here?

A webinar, folks!

We wanted to have a type of content that could engage leads better and bring them closer to the bottom of the funnel.

We decided on a topic and agenda, found a great guest, and prepared a promotional plan.

Now, the funnel was complete, from awareness to conversion, a lot of sales enablement materials were waiting to be used for closing deals.

In the background, sales conversations were happening via mail and LinkedIn.

And, here comes the light at the end of the tunnel: the first meetings!

pasted image 0-Aug-24-2020-11-16-44-62-AM


Activities wrap-up

Oh boy, that was a lot of work.

To wrap it up, after the initial audits and strategy design, we rolled up our sleeves and worked side by side with Skyrise to design a marketing process to generate and convert leads.

The work looked like this:

Setup Awareness Lead generation Conversion
Google Tag Manager & Analytics setup ABM content strategy & Implementation Landing pages Conversational Marketing Design
Drift implementation Linkbuilding training & prospecting Ebook copy Pitch decks
Hubspot implementation Pieces of content delivered for blog and new webpage LinkedIn, Google ads campaigns Outreach Plan
ABM Tool (Leadfeeder) Setup Website redesign Email follow-ups Sales Outreach
Competition analysis   Webinar promotional plan  
4 days of strategic workshops (Initial strategy + quarter review)      
Various research & prospecting      


Q1 - 2020
Qualified in Leads
Q1 - 2020
3 high ticket opportunities in the pipeline valued at 6 figure deal (€). A long term ABM strategy for both Inbound and Outbound Lead Generation. 90 hours of calls (reviews, project management, strategy) - Q1 2020

And it’s only the beginning

The story ain't over yet.

To be continued…

Acknowledgement: we want to thank Skyrise for making us feel like part of the team. We never felt like being an externalization.

pasted image 0-Aug-24-2020-11-16-45-95-AM
Feedback from Skyrise to Alina, our Project Manager.

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