How To Run Account Based Selling For Your B2B Company [GUIDE]

How To Run Account Based Selling For Your B2B Company [GUIDE]

It's no secret that the business world is changing.

Sales outreach is not good for businesses with long sales cycles. Account based selling is a new way to sell with the technology we have in hand today. Not too basic or too complicated.

Let's take the greatest qualities of both worlds and combine them to create a whole new way. In this you'll find out how to run account based selling for your organization. We go through all the things in this article.

Table of Contents 

Build Content for Account Based Selling.

Thirdly, build content that is relevant for your audience.

We are building monthly webinars, sometimes even bi-weekly, that we later on re-purpose into podcasts and blog posts, so you can give munition to your sales people.

Type of content to create that works with account based selling:

  • Use cases - showcase with insights what you did for other organizations (here is one of our examples)
  • Case Studies - Showcase results and concrete value proposition. (example here)
  • Run webinars or podcasts showcasing your expertise (here is what we do).
  • Case Studies - Showcase results and concrete value proposition. (example here)


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about the author
Romeo Mann - The Founder and Head Of Delivery at MAN Digital, responsible for all things top of the funnel, button of the funnel, and customer experience. Having worked in both B2B marketing and sales execution for over a decade. He has experience in both Enterprise and Mid-Size sales. Before founding MAN Digital, he worked at Electrolux and DHL in learning and development and Farnell Element 14 in sales. A whiz when it comes to sales engagement tools and a HubSpot revenue architect. At the moment also pursuing an Executive MBA at Quantic Washington University.