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Romeo Man

Romeo Man is a Business Automation specialist and founder of MAN Digital. If you can get him on your side, you'll start attracting the right people and converting them to customers with a custom-built sales funnel built on data, not hunches. Find out how he does it at MAN.Digital, and follow him @RomeoMan. Follow @romeoman

How We Helped Smartdreamers Increase Their Qualified Leads Rate by 80% – [Case Study]

October 25, 2020 By Romeo Man

Smartdreamers is the #1 business application for Recruitment Marketing Automation. Covering 90% of the candidate journey.

We are not exaggerating: They work with brands such as Renault, L’Oreal, UiPath and Kaufland.

How to Stand Out Among 100 Mil Other Software Houses? Podcast + Video

September 21, 2020 By Romeo Man

Summary of the webinar:

The webinar is dedicated to Tech Companies that struggle to position themselves in a crowded market. Talk about how to stand out from the crowd, do positioning for the sales pitch, outreach and offer next to some big CRM...

How to Generate 56 High Value B2B Leads in 3 Mo w/ ABM - CASE STUDY

August 27, 2020 By Romeo Man

About is a Polish software company that wanted to redefine its messaging, from an outsourcing company that sells man-hours,  towards the logistics vertical. received the prestigious Forbes Diamonds award in...

How itCraft Got 3X More Leads & Increased 600% in Organic Traffic - Case Study

August 12, 2020 By Romeo Man

itCraft is a Polish software house that creates high-end mobile apps for innovation leaders in various industries. Thanks to their craftsmanship approach they set up a high bar of excellence on the global app market.

Reverse Engineering Marketing Secrets of Poznan Software House STXNext

February 15, 2019 By Romeo Man

Who is one of the top Poznan software houses ? STX Next is for sure on the list. Here is their story, their marketing story.

B2B Lead Generation Best Practices for 2019

December 3, 2018 By Romeo Man

What we know for sure is that 2019 will be the year of the user experience around our customers.

And that's not all:

11 Hacks with Unbelievable Outcomes For Your B2B Competitor Analysis

November 12, 2018 By Romeo Man

This part is very important for the success of your marketing campaign, as you want to gather as much knowledge about your competitors as you can and reverse engineer what they do with their own online marketing.

Ultimate Guide to B2B Call Tracking & Phone Leads

October 29, 2018 By Romeo Man

Ultimate Guide to Business Call Tracking & Phone Leads


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